Bosch B22CS50SNS/03 not cooling


I have the Bosch B22CS50SNS 03 side by side fridge/freezer combo. A couple days ago I woke up to the freezer side of the display reading AL and a constant beeping. I silenced the alarm and discovered everything in my freezer was now thawed. I took the back panel off the fridge and saw the condenser was very dirty and dusty so I vaccumed it off hoping that would fix the problem but it does not. I called a repair man to come look at it and he pulled the back panel off and touched the compressor. He noted it was not warm and therefore was not likely to be trying to start and determined most likely the controller for the compressor was shot. I was quoted ~$600 to fix and replace this with only a 50% guarantee that it would fix the fridge and that it may be the compressor after all. I did a bit of digging online and found a YouTube video that sent me here. I pulled the inverter box off the compressor and checked the resistance across the windings, all are around 7.5 ohms but I could not get a stable reading (it would flicker from 6.9-8 mostly staying around 7.5). Not sure if my multimeter is just junky or if that is indicative of something. I tried to measure the input VDC to the inverter box but was unable to conclusively tell if I had done it correctly or not. There appears to be 2 wire harnesses above the inverter, one is the 120v input from the house into a block that appears to split to 2 other power inputs and the other was 3 wires, a ground plus 2 more. I assumed that was the VDC input being fed back from the motherboard on the top. Measuring there occasionally I would read 3V, or -0.3V or sometimes over range. Maybe I’m just doing a bad job, as I’m sure you can tell I am not really an electrical guy.

Just curious if anyone has an actual repair manual available for this unit or if anyone has any other ideas to test or if it does indeed sound like the controller (I assume he meant the inverter since he didn’t even open the top portion of the fridge to look at the motherboard)..?

Thanks for your help and advice!


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Bosch B22CS30SNS/01 not cooling properly…

Problems with my Bosch B22CS30SNS/01…

First symptoms, yesterday:
Freezer not cooling to 0. Thermometer temperatures in freezer about 17 degrees. Fridge compartment o.k. at 36.
Powered off five minutes, restarted. Similar results throughout the day

Freezer temps continue to rise (28 degrees), now fridge compartment is about 50.

Testing so far:

  • Powered off fridge for five minutes, then on.
  • Held “+” and “-‘ buttons down until self-test mode was entered. Display cycled “L1” to “L10”, but no error codes displayed.
  • Removed lower inside freezer cover. Coils have a light coating of frost on them. The visible freezer fan shown runs when door is closed (or door button is pressed in).
  • The currently hidden fridge fan runs (can hear it) when the door button is pushed in.
  • I have not pulled the fridge out from the cabinetry yet. I must lower the front siders as it is currently wedged in.

I have a multimter, and am competent in its use, but have not made any measurements or tests yet, not sure what to test.

I’ve read through the highly informative thread on a similar fridge (…il-it-is-reset) and downloaded the service manual for that fridge, but mine is different.

A few questions to start:

  • Can someone post up the service manual for B22CS30SNS?
  • Is the test flow chart that was posted for B22CS50SNS in the other thread relevant for me?
  • If so, can someone explain how to perform some of the tests on the flowchart, and what the acronyms “OLP/PTC” means? Difference between and location of F and C fans? Is one freezer, one fridge?
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