Whirlpool-ice dispensor

Hello folks! i have a whirlpool model-ed2khaxvs03

The ice maker works fine but the auger will not turn to dispense ice out of the door. The micro switch(at the door lever) for the ice dispensor is fine. It has a slight intermittent issue when working with the lever. But none of the fingers are broken and the switch is good. It just doesnt make contact all of the time for some reason with the door lever. If the switch is take. Out and pushed manually it calls for ice every time. The plastic cup push lever doesnt appear to be broken at all. When calling for ice via the switch the motor runs and the shaft turns. It just does not turn the auger. I have purchased a new ice bucket assembly and it does the same thing. I have taken the shaft out and it looks fine and does not show stripped on either side. The plastic coupling on the shaft on the ice storage bin side is also in good condition. I also ordered a new one of those and it looks just like the new one. I am at a loss to what could be left to be a problem. I have not taken it apart on the motor side yet. The motor runs and the shaft turns up at the top where it would meet the ice bucket assembly. Even putting pressure on the shaft with a pair of pliers does not stop it from turning. I dont know if the motor could possibly run and turn the shaft but not provide enough torque to move the auger arm in the ice bucket? The result is no different with an empty bucket vs one with ice. Any ideas guys?

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106.562232400 Clicking noise

We just have this annoying clicking noise coming from freezer to to fridge box( picture attached). how do we fix this, it’s been driving us crazy. …

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Vissani HVDR1040B. Not cooling, not freezing, clicking every 3-5 seconds

Vissani HVDR1040B. This fridge has given me some trouble.

Originally it wasn’t cooling properly. The fridge would be probably around 50 degrees and the freezer 40. I adjusted temperature gauges and everything, nothing really changed. I had a repair guy come and he called in advance and said to plug it in, then it was working fine. He also said this fridge has problems with getting stuck in defrost mode and to unplug it for a while and plug it back in if it happens again.

2 weeks later it goes out again. This time the freezer is like 75-85(WELL beyond room temperature) degrees and the fridge is room temperature. I unplugged it and used my spare mini fridge. I waited a week and plugged it back in and nothing. The lights come on but the temperature is not dropping. Every few seconds it attempts to start up, then clicks off. I changed to a different outlet on a separate circuit and it doesn’t even try to come on now, it just does the clicking.

On the first outlet, the temperature gauge in the fridge would occasionally blink all 5 settings. On the second outlet, I’m not even getting that.

I have no idea where to begin on this. It came with my lease but they will not pay for repairs. This fridge seems uncommon and horrible reviews so I’m considering tossing it out, but it also seems like the former tenant bought it and never used it, because the back isn’t dirty whatsoever and the freezer still had the package of instructions and the ice cube tray in it.

Does anyone have any suggestions before I give up and find a new fridge?

Thank you!

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