B26FT70SNS Bosch 800 Series Freezing Food

Hello, I have a Bosch 800 Series refrigerator and it has been freezing food. The crisper drawers are the worst culprits, but food will freeze anywhere in the fridge, especially if you put it at the back of the fridge. I spoke to a repair guy a year ago and he mentioned I should tape over the vents at the back of the unit and just leave the two on top open. I have tried this, but it does not seem to help. There appears to be two vents on the bottom of the fridge as well which I have not taped. The compressor seems to be working fine……the unit does not make any unusual noises and it does not run for prolonged periods of time. I have also tried increasing the temp via the digital temp control on the front of the fridge, but it will still freeze things in the drawers and at the back of the fridge. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? The thermostat possibly? I’m sure I will need to get a repair person in, but I would like to have some idea of what the possibilities could be before I am charged to replace 5 things that did not need to be replaced.

Thank you

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U-Line WCM98 ice maker is cooling but not freezing

Got an U-Line ice maker from a cousin who was getting rid of it because it was not freezing. I plugged it up and let it run all day but it only get cool inside. The inside top of the ice maker does have ice accumulate on it and the inside sides get to about 42°F to 50°F. The total temperature inside stays at around 45°F. I cleaned the coils (they were dusty) but the inside temp will not go any lower. If you need anymore information just let me know and I will gladly provide. Thanks in advance for any advice that you can give me.

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Why Leap Marketing Is the Best Drug Rehab PPC Agency

Leap Marketing, a search engine marketing service, is considered as an experienced and intelligent drug rehab PPC agency because it offers daily management of PPC campaign and strategic setup for drug rehab facilities.

Services provided by Leap Marketing

Leap Marketing delivers a number of potential SEO services as search engine marketing service, including:

  • Developing content inventory
  • Copywriting outsourced content for site and blog
  • Providing themes for content
  • SEO of site content with relevant keywords
  • Use of local directories for SEO
  • Technical SEO of site content
  • Link building campaign
  • Optimising social media profiles for the clients
  • Services provided as drug rehab PPC agency

As a drug rehab PPC agency Leap Marketing manages drug rehab campaigns of millions of dollars at various alcohol and drug treatment centres at local and national level on the basis of their experience.

Benefits of Leap Marketing as drug rehab PPC agency

  • They manage budgets of millions of dollars
  • They offer household income or HHI of different levels in targeted areas
  • They setup campaigns at regional and national levels
  • They promote their campaign by advertising only on desktop and call
  • They have extensive list of negative keywords
  • They improve ROI by eliminating Medicaid calls by copying ads strategically
  • They contact anonymous groups of alcoholics and narcotics to get hot leads
  • They improve CPA by reducing their cost drastically by using the proven ability

So Leap Marketing is the best drug rehab PPC agency because:

Leap Marketing has direct experience of PPC industry along with the experience of search engine marketing of many decades to provide qualified leads to the admission department of various drug treatment centers. So if your drug treatment center is situated in south Florida region then you can contact them directly online to work with you as drug rehab PPC agency.

They can help the admission team of your treatment center in investing their time in handling and concluding the calls from really potential clients by working hard on reducing the quantity of unprofessional calls.

They have team of competent professionals which can help drug rehab centers gracefully to win the trust of their patients. They follow the code of ethics strongly while working with drug addiction centers. They also help their clients in developing a diversified and strong marketing campaign without using any disturbing marketing strategy.

Along with it they deal with the marketing of the drug rehab centers on the basis of the vast experience they have accumulated by working actively in PPC industry since many years. The rehab centers can use it to maintain their image and redefining their brand. Moreover they can also use the knowledge gained by Leap Marketing while dealing with many cases in the past to find out the relevant problems usually faced by the rehab centers. They can also help rehab centers in getting positive exposure as much as possible along with generating leads on the basis of their experiences.

Leap Marketing also helps in managing, evaluating and launching marketing strategy of drug rehab centers by using latest technologies. You can analyses your clients with their help by using various variables like geographical location, age and sex. They know how to promote a rehab center online and they do have the both the experience and expertise in doing the same. Thus you can avoid useless options of marketing which can be time wasting and expensive.

Finally they can also offer customized services usually required by drug rehab centers. In fact one marketing solution cannot fit to all types of organizations. They develop marketing strategies after understanding the needs of a rehab center established for the people of a very particular type. They plan and execute marketing plan after listening to and using all the factors in it. In other words, the professional team of Leap Marketing takes any decision on behalf of rehab centers and inform them about the effect and impact of the decision taken by them.

Thus, Leap Marketing is the best drug rehab PPC agency because they help the drug rehab centers in getting a constant flow of clients by providing them effective marketing strategies. They also help the rehab centers in pushing their marketing campaign by making well informed decisions. Moreover they charge affordable fee without any hidden charges for their high quality services to drug rehab centers.

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HDVS120 Vintage Select wine cooler thermostat is not working

I have a Vintage Select Wine cooler which no longer gets cold enough. I had repair guy come and pur freon in it and it still would not get cold.
He suggested getting a new smart board for the cooler but they no longer sell the part.
His other suggestion was to get an external thermostat and bypass the internal thermostat.
I’m having trouble s figuring out how to connect the external thermostat to bypass the internal thermostat.
Which wires internally do I need to disconnect?

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SubZero 550 – Ice Maker not working (tried many other tips from the forum)

I have a SubZero 550 that stopped making ice. These are the notes/results based on trying things I’ve read from other messages in these forums:
– Ice feeler arm is locked in the up position
– I’ve tried to force it down but it won’t budge (and I don’t want to break it)
– Defrosted the freezer
– When I restarted the fridge/freezer the water filled the ice maker
– The feeler arm is still locked in the up position
– There are 3 switches in the freezer. 1 for the light, 1 that turns on the freezer fan and 1 the ice maker tray closes
– I taped the ice maker tray switch closed to force cycle (is this the only one that needs to be “closed?)
– When it is taped shut the ice maker makes a “ticking” noise – I’ve checked a day later and it is still making the ticking sound but no ice has dropped and feeler arm is still up.
– Tried to force cycle the ice maker (jumpering “T” and “H” for 10 seconds). There was a small spark so the jump was working but it made no effect

I feel that the issue is around the feeler arm being locked in the up position but I don’t want to force it down.

Other thing I haven’t tried yet is to reset the circuit breaker.

Anything else I can try or do I need a new ice maker?



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Finding quality oven repair in Queens, NY can be quite a task. The city is huge and is getting bigger by the month. One good thing about a large population though is that there are lots of people who have dealt with household appliance repair businesses and can probably tell you what kind of experiences they’ve had. If you’re friendly with your neighbors then that could be one avenue of finding oven repair in Queens.

The list of oven repair businesses in the city of Queens is huge. Whether you do a search engine check or look in the Yellow Pages, there are more than enough to choose from. The trick is, finding a place that is going to be honest with you and can offer the most cost-efficient repair possible. Some appliance repair businesses focus on specific brands, so if you find one that represents your particular brand of oven that may be an avenue to follow.


Due to the sheer number of companies offering oven repair in Queens, it would be a good idea to call around and get some quotes on your repair. Due to the large possibility that there are several businesses in your vicinity offering the service, it may not be too difficult to check all or most of them out. Personally, I like to call in first to see what the customer service is like before actually walking into the business. This way, at least you know what you might be getting into beforehand. Dealing with a busy company is a good thing – as it lets you know that people trust them – but then again, if the business in question is too busy it could take longer for your oven to be fixed. Having a broken down oven in your home for too long can be pretty inconvenient.


I try to pick out businesses which have been in the community for a number of years, as opposed to newer ones which haven’t earned their place yet. Newer businesses tend to drop their prices and fees in order to undercut the larger and more reputable repair services. Be wary of that. Sure, you want a good deal on your oven repair, not wanting to pay through the nose. But sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more when you know you’re getting a quality repair done. Some newer companies tend not to honor full service warranties as well, which can prove to be quite costly to you, the customer.


One of the biggest cost for getting your oven repaired is the parts needed to fix it. Sometimes they’re not needed, as it might be a minor repair. But when parts are needed it’s important to make sure they’re handy. Having them shipped in from other countries can be both expensive and time consuming. Who wants their broken down oven sitting there for weeks, doing nothing?

If you don’t want to buy a brand new appliance, preferring to have your broken unit fixed, it is possible to get a good deal on oven repair in Queens. You just have to do a fair amount of research and networking in order to come out on top.

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Water Heater Repair in Queens

Natural_gas_storage_water_heaterPurchasing a home is a big responsibility for the homeowner and their family, and the maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. When a problem is discovered it should be corrected as quickly as possible because other issues and concerns can occur as a result. For example, if there is a small leak in the bathroom, the owner will often have to pay more on the water bill, especially when the leak gets bigger. Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to take care of these small and seemingly insignificant repairs before they grow in complexity and in cost.

Common Problems in an Older Home

Some of the most common problems in a home can affect the roof and floors. For instance, there may be damaged shingles on top of the home or large holes in the roof. The floors may also need to be replaced due to both wear and tear. One of the first places that the owner may start is inspecting the water heater in the kitchen. Inspecting the water heater for problems in advance can keep down in added problems.

Avoiding Problems with the Water Heater

Water heater repair jobs are also common to many homes and they must be corrected as soon as the owner knows that they exist. Delaying a fix in this area can cause a wide variety of inconveniences to the homeowner as well as everyone in the family. For instance, the family will not have hot water to take care of a wide variety of different chores (i.e. hot water is used to wash dishes, the family’s clothing and to take hot and warm baths and showers on a daily basis. Therefore, if the owner of the home wants to prevent various disruptions in the home, they should take water heater repair problems seriously.

Water heater repair may be simple to fix if the owner of the home is familiar with plumbing problems. Knowing how to fix the problems in-house can save additional money and time. On the other hand, if water heater repair services have to be called for evaluation and repairs, the homeowner may spend large sums of money. To reduce the cost of these repairs and the associated labor involved, the owner of the home should shop around for the best service in the local and surrounding areas. The main objective when shopping around is to save money, while also finding a reputable water heater repair service that perform quality work. If the owner of the home does not find the right company for the job, they may have to pay additional money in the future for more repairs. When this occurs, it can cause more inconvenience, as well as more frustration.

Searching the Internet for Professional Water Heater Repair

Searching the Internet for information and solutions is a common activity. Users can find answers to a wide range of different problems and products. From finding a good reputable dentist to locating parts for an old car, the Internet has a vast amount of valuable information. With this being said, one of the first places people look today for an answer is the World Wide Web, since they can buy things that they need online and find many types of services. Hence, finding the best water heater repair service company has been made simple. In fact, there are many blogs, forums and sites dedicated to different types of plumbing problems and concerns. They are also available to those who want to inquire about specific information. For instance, if the individual is located in a specific area with the U.S., they may ask about various kinds of plumbing information, specifically about reputable water heater repair services in their area.

When entering their questions and concerns online, the user can receive a response from others in their immediate area. Many times, the responses that they receive will often come quickly and they may receive great ideas or valuable recommendations. Therefore, when the people ask about specific companies within a specific location, users may respond with companies that offer great prices, while also providing quality services. On the other hand, these same users may also provide a list of companies that these homeowners should avoid. In either case, the homeowner can secure the information that they are looking for. Word of mouth and Internet recommendations are normally taken quite seriously.

Do-It-Yourself and How to Sites

Before the individual looks for a water heater repair professional, they should look for do-it-yourself sites. Many times people can fix minor problems themselves if they only knew what to do. For instance, they can fix some of their water heater repair problems by simply replacing a defective part, if it is easy to get to. Therefore, the most time-consuming task involved in fixing a faucet may be going to the local hardware store to pick up the new water heater part up. Once the person secures the part, it may only take five minutes to repair after the get home (i.e. replace the old part with the new).

When the problem is more complex, the owner may still only need to research online the steps involved. If it is a common problem, the homeowner may find this information on a dedicated site. The steps in the process may be very simple to follow and perform. Hence, the homeowner can save on the cost of repairs.

If the repair problem takes more expertise to repair, the owner of the home should look for an affordable professional repair services provider. The cost of the repairs may be more expensive, but it better to have it done right the first time. Also, this type of repair can be risky and dangerous if the person does not know what they are doing.

Saving money on water heater repairs is possible, but just ensure that you know what you are doing before you begin taking apart a water heater yourself – you may end up doing more damage than good.

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