HDVS120 Vintage Select wine cooler thermostat is not working

I have a Vintage Select Wine cooler which no longer gets cold enough. I had repair guy come and pur freon in it and it still would not get cold.
He suggested getting a new smart board for the cooler but they no longer sell the part.
His other suggestion was to get an external thermostat and bypass the internal thermostat.
I’m having trouble s figuring out how to connect the external thermostat to bypass the internal thermostat.
Which wires internally do I need to disconnect?

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SubZero 550 – Ice Maker not working (tried many other tips from the forum)

I have a SubZero 550 that stopped making ice. These are the notes/results based on trying things I’ve read from other messages in these forums:
– Ice feeler arm is locked in the up position
– I’ve tried to force it down but it won’t budge (and I don’t want to break it)
– Defrosted the freezer
– When I restarted the fridge/freezer the water filled the ice maker
– The feeler arm is still locked in the up position
– There are 3 switches in the freezer. 1 for the light, 1 that turns on the freezer fan and 1 the ice maker tray closes
– I taped the ice maker tray switch closed to force cycle (is this the only one that needs to be “closed?)
– When it is taped shut the ice maker makes a “ticking” noise – I’ve checked a day later and it is still making the ticking sound but no ice has dropped and feeler arm is still up.
– Tried to force cycle the ice maker (jumpering “T” and “H” for 10 seconds). There was a small spark so the jump was working but it made no effect

I feel that the issue is around the feeler arm being locked in the up position but I don’t want to force it down.

Other thing I haven’t tried yet is to reset the circuit breaker.

Anything else I can try or do I need a new ice maker?



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Finding quality oven repair in Queens, NY can be quite a task. The city is huge and is getting bigger by the month. One good thing about a large population though is that there are lots of people who have dealt with household appliance repair businesses and can probably tell you what kind of experiences they’ve had. If you’re friendly with your neighbors then that could be one avenue of finding oven repair in Queens.

The list of oven repair businesses in the city of Queens is huge. Whether you do a search engine check or look in the Yellow Pages, there are more than enough to choose from. The trick is, finding a place that is going to be honest with you and can offer the most cost-efficient repair possible. Some appliance repair businesses focus on specific brands, so if you find one that represents your particular brand of oven that may be an avenue to follow.


Due to the sheer number of companies offering oven repair in Queens, it would be a good idea to call around and get some quotes on your repair. Due to the large possibility that there are several businesses in your vicinity offering the service, it may not be too difficult to check all or most of them out. Personally, I like to call in first to see what the customer service is like before actually walking into the business. This way, at least you know what you might be getting into beforehand. Dealing with a busy company is a good thing – as it lets you know that people trust them – but then again, if the business in question is too busy it could take longer for your oven to be fixed. Having a broken down oven in your home for too long can be pretty inconvenient.


I try to pick out businesses which have been in the community for a number of years, as opposed to newer ones which haven’t earned their place yet. Newer businesses tend to drop their prices and fees in order to undercut the larger and more reputable repair services. Be wary of that. Sure, you want a good deal on your oven repair, not wanting to pay through the nose. But sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more when you know you’re getting a quality repair done. Some newer companies tend not to honor full service warranties as well, which can prove to be quite costly to you, the customer.


One of the biggest cost for getting your oven repaired is the parts needed to fix it. Sometimes they’re not needed, as it might be a minor repair. But when parts are needed it’s important to make sure they’re handy. Having them shipped in from other countries can be both expensive and time consuming. Who wants their broken down oven sitting there for weeks, doing nothing?

If you don’t want to buy a brand new appliance, preferring to have your broken unit fixed, it is possible to get a good deal on oven repair in Queens. You just have to do a fair amount of research and networking in order to come out on top.

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Water Heater Repair in Queens

Natural_gas_storage_water_heaterPurchasing a home is a big responsibility for the homeowner and their family, and the maintenance can be time consuming and expensive. When a problem is discovered it should be corrected as quickly as possible because other issues and concerns can occur as a result. For example, if there is a small leak in the bathroom, the owner will often have to pay more on the water bill, especially when the leak gets bigger. Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to take care of these small and seemingly insignificant repairs before they grow in complexity and in cost.

Common Problems in an Older Home

Some of the most common problems in a home can affect the roof and floors. For instance, there may be damaged shingles on top of the home or large holes in the roof. The floors may also need to be replaced due to both wear and tear. One of the first places that the owner may start is inspecting the water heater in the kitchen. Inspecting the water heater for problems in advance can keep down in added problems.

Avoiding Problems with the Water Heater

Water heater repair jobs are also common to many homes and they must be corrected as soon as the owner knows that they exist. Delaying a fix in this area can cause a wide variety of inconveniences to the homeowner as well as everyone in the family. For instance, the family will not have hot water to take care of a wide variety of different chores (i.e. hot water is used to wash dishes, the family’s clothing and to take hot and warm baths and showers on a daily basis. Therefore, if the owner of the home wants to prevent various disruptions in the home, they should take water heater repair problems seriously.

Water heater repair may be simple to fix if the owner of the home is familiar with plumbing problems. Knowing how to fix the problems in-house can save additional money and time. On the other hand, if water heater repair services have to be called for evaluation and repairs, the homeowner may spend large sums of money. To reduce the cost of these repairs and the associated labor involved, the owner of the home should shop around for the best service in the local and surrounding areas. The main objective when shopping around is to save money, while also finding a reputable water heater repair service that perform quality work. If the owner of the home does not find the right company for the job, they may have to pay additional money in the future for more repairs. When this occurs, it can cause more inconvenience, as well as more frustration.

Searching the Internet for Professional Water Heater Repair

Searching the Internet for information and solutions is a common activity. Users can find answers to a wide range of different problems and products. From finding a good reputable dentist to locating parts for an old car, the Internet has a vast amount of valuable information. With this being said, one of the first places people look today for an answer is the World Wide Web, since they can buy things that they need online and find many types of services. Hence, finding the best water heater repair service company has been made simple. In fact, there are many blogs, forums and sites dedicated to different types of plumbing problems and concerns. They are also available to those who want to inquire about specific information. For instance, if the individual is located in a specific area with the U.S., they may ask about various kinds of plumbing information, specifically about reputable water heater repair services in their area.

When entering their questions and concerns online, the user can receive a response from others in their immediate area. Many times, the responses that they receive will often come quickly and they may receive great ideas or valuable recommendations. Therefore, when the people ask about specific companies within a specific location, users may respond with companies that offer great prices, while also providing quality services. On the other hand, these same users may also provide a list of companies that these homeowners should avoid. In either case, the homeowner can secure the information that they are looking for. Word of mouth and Internet recommendations are normally taken quite seriously.

Do-It-Yourself and How to Sites

Before the individual looks for a water heater repair professional, they should look for do-it-yourself sites. Many times people can fix minor problems themselves if they only knew what to do. For instance, they can fix some of their water heater repair problems by simply replacing a defective part, if it is easy to get to. Therefore, the most time-consuming task involved in fixing a faucet may be going to the local hardware store to pick up the new water heater part up. Once the person secures the part, it may only take five minutes to repair after the get home (i.e. replace the old part with the new).

When the problem is more complex, the owner may still only need to research online the steps involved. If it is a common problem, the homeowner may find this information on a dedicated site. The steps in the process may be very simple to follow and perform. Hence, the homeowner can save on the cost of repairs.

If the repair problem takes more expertise to repair, the owner of the home should look for an affordable professional repair services provider. The cost of the repairs may be more expensive, but it better to have it done right the first time. Also, this type of repair can be risky and dangerous if the person does not know what they are doing.

Saving money on water heater repairs is possible, but just ensure that you know what you are doing before you begin taking apart a water heater yourself – you may end up doing more damage than good.

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5 Reasons You Need to Hire the Best Refrigerator Repair in Queens

ExpensiveRefrigeratorsAlthough repairing your appliances is one of the best ways to save money during the current financial crisis, sometimes it may end up costing you more money than hiring a professional. In worst case scenarios, you may end up purchasing a new appliance.

Hiring the best refrigerator repair in Queens may sound like a difficult job. In this article, we are going to look at some reasons why hiring a refrigerator service is important.

5 Reasons why you should hire refrigerator repair in Queens, NY


1. Qualification.

Unless you are a refrigerator specialist, then it is impossible that you have the qualification needed to repair appliances safely. Professional refrigerator repair technicians in Queens have the qualification needed for the job. They have the certification and have passed all the relevant tests needed so as to repair people’s appliances.

No matter how easy a given repair looks, complications may arise during the repair. To avoid this, you need to hire a professional who understands how to handle these complications once they arise. Apart from saving you money, this will also ensure that the lifespan of your appliance is prolonged.

2. Customer service.

Hiring professional appliance repair does not stop at the qualification and the skill level. Apart from offering you excellent repair service, you will also get to enjoy excellent customer service. There is nothing as frustrating as dealing with a company with poor customer service.

By hiring Bear Appliance Repair in Queens, NY you will get to enjoy the best customer service in the city.

3. Knowledge and skill.

Trained professionals not only offer you their qualifications but also their knowledge and skill. No two appliances are the same. Because of this, you need to trust your repair to individuals with the knowledge and skill set needed to get the job done efficiently and correctly.

4. Quality service.

By hiring the best repair service in Queens, you are guaranteed of getting the highest quality service possible. Refrigerators and other electric appliances are delicate equipment. They need to be handled with care. Because of this, you need to hire the best technicians to provide you with the best service to avoid spending more money and reducing the lifespan of your appliance by repairing them now and then.

5. Money back guaranteed.

Professionals not only promise you the best services, but they also promise you refunds if your expectations are not met. Not all appliance services providers have the confidence to promise you this. By hiring a professional appliance technician in Queens, you will not only be assured of getting your refrigerator repaired by the best, but you are also assured of getting your money back in case things go wrong.

Apart from this, professional refrigerator repair service providers are covered by insurance. You don’t have to worry about facing court battles in case things go wrong during the repair. If the technician gets injured during the process, or the refrigerator blows off while the repair, the insurance of the company has this covered, you will not have to incur the costs.

Things to consider when hiring refrigerator repair in Queens.

Now that you know the importance of investing on professional appliance repair in Queens, there are some things you need to consider before hiring a repair service. These include;

  • Experience- Only hire a repair company with the longest experience in providing repair services in the city. No matter the qualification and skill level of technicians, the experience will always determine the quality of the service.
  • Reputation- The best companies have the best reputation. To determine the reputation of a company, you can use the internet and read customer reviews. You can also ask your family, friends or colleagues for recommendations on companies they have had previous dealings with.
  • Price- Only hire a repair company that offers their services within your budget range. Avoid companies that charge too much as this will end up straining your budget. Also, avoid companies that charge prices that all below the current market range as this means that their services are poor.

Investing in a professional appliance repair is very important. It will ensure that you avoid wasting time and money on repeat visits, increase the lifespan of your appliances and ensure that the safety of your appliances is upheld.

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The Best Jenn-Air Appliance Repair in Queens, NY


Jenn-Air appliances have steadily expanded their foray into Southern California homes since the advent of its legendary downdraft cooktop in 1961.  The brand is also known for bringing convection cooking into the home. Over the past several decades, Jenn-Air has expanded its product line to include appliances for the entire kitchen, from powerful professional-style ranges to stylish built-in refrigerators – all of which Bear Appliance Repair expertly services..

Bear Appliance Repair is factory-trained in the full line Jenn-Air homes appliances, including its gas downdraft cooktops, built-in refrigerators and super quiet dishwashers.

Whether you currently own Jenn-Air® appliances or are considering purchasing them, Bear Appliance Repair will always provide an exceptional level of care.   Jenn-Air’s corporate offices are located in Benton Harbor, Michigan with manufacturing plants in several U.S. locations.

Staying on top of Jenn-Air innovations is part of MAR’ standard operating procedure of maintaining factory certifications in Jenn-Air and other major appliance brands, namely:

  • Compactors
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Microwaves
  • Outdoor Grills
  • Ranges
  • Rangetops
  • Refrigerators
  • Ventilation
  • Wall Ovens
  • Warming Drawers

If your household has opted for Jenn-Air appliances, when servicing is needed, it is logically best to go to the best possible Jenn-Air appliance repair company.  As high-end auto mechanics are thoroughly educated in repair and maintenance of the worlds best high profile vehicles, so are MAR expert Jenn-Air appliance repair technicians factory-trained in repair of Jenn-Air appliance product lines.

We know that when you invest in a Jenn-Air appliance, you want to keep you it functioning optimally.  Most MAR customers enjoy regular servicing of their Jenn-Air appliances through our factory-trained, expert Jenn-Air appliance repair technicians, however, even the best manufactured appliance is sometimes subject to repair.

To improve appliance service turn-around times, MAR technicians stock Jenn-Air parts.  Bear Appliance Repair equates servicing of your Jenn-Air appliance to the level of personal attention and quality of care provided by dealerships to high-end vehicle owners.  If you have invested in a Jenn-Air appliance, you trust your Jenn-Air appliance repair to Bear Appliance Repair.


We are expert at installing, troubleshooting or servicing your Jenn-Air home appliance and guarantees effective  Jenn-Air appliance repair with every visit.  Our service vehicles are equipped with technical diagnostic tools; highest-quality standard replacement parts; Jenn-Air-specific inventory and the expertise and experience to ensure that your Jenn-Air appliances are always working optimally.

Many households mix and match appliances.  If this is true in the case of your household, as well, know that Bear Appliance Repair is factory-trained in all major brands and provides no-cost troubleshooting of all major household appliances.  MAR extends special incentives to customers who schedule regular appliance maintenance, brand(s) notwithstanding.

To ensure prompt service, we have local technicians available 24/7 to service your Jenn-Air appliances throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, with same-day service in most areas.  We stock most Jenn-Air appliance parts, if a special part is needed, our office will typically be able to have the needed special part delivered overnight for next-day installation.

Be reminded that many Jenn-Air appliances are ENERGY STAR qualified appliances, visit ENERGYSTAR.gov and know that Los Angeles enjoys an ambitious State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program as part of $300 million in funding provided by the Department of Energy, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to states to conduct an ENERGY STAR appliance rebate program.

Under this program, eligible consumers can receive rebates to purchase new energy-efficient appliances when they replace used appliances. By promoting the replacement of old appliances, the rebate program will both stimulate the economy and reduce energy use and energy costs for consumers.

Bear Appliance Repair can always let you know which Jenn-Air appliances are ENERGY STAR qualified.  Additionally, we guarantee effective appliance repair with every visit.

When selecting your Jenn-Air appliance repair technician, look to MAR for prompt appliance repair turn-around and 100% guaranteed parts and service. To schedule an emergency repair or appliance maintenance, please make an online request or call (800) 520-7059 for immediate attention.

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RMOTC Partners with Bear Appliance Repair

Overview of Bear Appliance Repair in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY

Bear Appliance Repair is a subsidiary of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group (BSH). They have been providing award winning appliance repair for over 75 years. Their product line ranges from built-in coffee makers, to ventilation equipment. Thermador products can be purchased from most major retail stores as well as independent dealers. They pride themselves on their innovative designs and high quality appliances that are eco-friendly and energy star efficient. For services contact them directly, let them know who recommended you and receive 25% off your next appliance repair.

Bear Appliance Repair’s Brand History

In 1916, William Cranston founded the Bear Appliance Repair brand. When the company was first established Cranston began producing electronic items such as portable and built-in heaters. In 1932, Bear Appliance Repair began as Cranston and merged with another business owner to form the Roesch Electric Repair name. The first wall oven and cooktop were created by them in 1947. Over the years Bear Appliance Repair has continuously modified and expanded its repair product line in order to meet customer demand and exceed their expectations.

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Express Appliance Repair Services in Queens

Bear Appliance Repair Serves Residents in Queens and is located in Brooklyn, NY

Having a working stove is a luxury that many of us take for granted. When things start to go wrong with your oven or stove top, it can be very frustrating to figure out what exactly to do. You will probably need to have a professional repair person come and perform the actual fixes on the stove, but there are many ways that you can actually troubleshoot to narrow down what they problem might be. Bear Appliance Repair offers professional appliance repair in Queens and is available for such circumstances, but let’s take a look at all the things that can go wrong with the stove top and oven first.

Appliances which are used for cooking come in various styles. One type of stove is the gas stove, another type of stove uses electricity. This article will focus on the problems that can come up , as well as possible fixes, with the gas stoves. Gas stoves are designed to be ready for the natural gas that they will receive but some also have extras that come with them. The way a gas stove works is that the gas is released through a regulator into the stove. The pressure regulator on the stove essentially allows the right amount of gas out to reach the stove. Appliance repair Staten Island are specialists in dealing with these pressure regulators as well as many other aspects of gas stoves.

Pilot Ignition Ovens

Pilot ignition ovens work by allowing gas to escape from a valve at just the right time. They also are able to turn the burner on and off while keeping the right temperature. These types of ovens aren’t used as much these days because there is concern about them being constantly giving of flames or gas. There is often an object called a thermocouple located within this type of oven. This thermocouple makes electricity out of heat with a valve.

Sometimes the thermocouple ceases to work within the pilot ignition oven. This is a relatively common problem that people have reported experiences with when using this kind of stove. Appliance repair Staten Island can help solve this problem. Another problem that can happen is that the pilot flame isn’t giving off enough heat to work the thermocouple. A quick fix can be to just push the temperature knob in to relight the flame in the pilot. Appliance repair Staten Island can be the solution for a lot of these common oven problems you may experience.

Electronic Ignition Ovens

Electric ignition ovens work in a different way in that they use a glow bar for an igniter. This igniter bar gets hot, which in turn gives the electricity that the stove needs. The next thing that happens is that the electricity that was generated goes through a glow bar and makes the igniter expand. This lets the electricity go through a valve to reach the oven. This valve won’t open unless the igniter gave off enough heat to start it up.

Looking at common problems with electronic ignition ovens, there is a wide variety available. For one thing, you might notice that the oven doesn’t warm up enough to cook food. This can be caused by problems with a sensor or with the thermostat in the oven. If the igniter isn’t getting warm enough the valve that needs to open will not do so. When this happens, the burner won’t open as quickly, causing the stove surface to not heat up as quickly as it should.

Something else that often happens is that the heat won’t turn on at all in the oven. This can happen if the glow bar is not working as it should, by not letting off the gas that it should be. Another thing that you might notice with your electronic ignition oven is that it might make a clicking sound when you turn it on. This is normal because it’s the sound of a switch within the oven closes to start a countdown for igniting the stove. Appliance repair technicians can be very useful for these fixes.

Direct Spark Oven

The direct spark oven is very beneficial because it allows the appliance system to turn on a lot quicker, while operating at the most accurate temperatures. This type of stove uses a DSI control mechanism, which essentially causes an arc in the electricity to turn on the burner. The igniter within the direct spark oven is a lot like a spark plug because it is next to the burner and turns on when the light arc reaches the gas within the stove. The gas distribution valve in this type of oven uses solenoids to give off the gas that is needed to power the oven.

Some issues that people often experience with the direct spark oven are that the igniter will stop working and it won’t cause a spark. Another possible issue is that the DSI controller stops sending out the right amount of energy to the solenoids. Problems can also include trouble with the valve that distributes the gas not functioning and the shut off switch for the gas not working. If you experience this, check to make sure there is nothing blocking the drawer. All of these problems can also be solved by professional appliance repair Staten Island engineers.

Pilot Ignition Oven Systems

The pilot ignition surface burner works without a thermocouple. The valve is opened manually by the person who is using the stove. When the person turns the knob the gas is released by at the correct flow rate, dictated by the knob setting. Next, the gas is released through some holes in the burners. This ignites a couple of pilot flames, each for different burners on the top of the stove. If you allow the ignition tube in this kind of oven to get food built up in it, this might reduce the stoves ability to light the flame. An easy fix for this might be to just use a needle to clean the little holes in the burner which might get the grime cleared out of them. You can also change the size of the flame by using a screw control on the tubing that supplies the gas. This can help you to control how big the flame gets as well as control the temperature. You can get the pilot ignition oven system fixed if required by appliance repair specialists in Staten Island.

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Find Established Refrigerator Repair In Queens NY

When your refrigerator breaks down one of the first things you’ll want to do is find out what will be the most cost efficient for you. Is repairing the unit cheaper than replacing the unit? Or vice versa? The cost and time it will take to fix it will usually depend on the age of the refrigerator and the extent of the problem.

When you’re looking for refrigerator repair in Queens, be careful whom you to choose to get the work done. It’s possible that some companies may try to talk you into buying a whole new unit from them because they know the repair will only take a half hour and not a lot of money to rectify the problem.

Find An Established Appliance Repair Company in Queens, NY

Whether it’s a small company or larger one, make sure the company has been around for a while. My personal definition of a ‘while’ is about 20 years. This way you can ask around about them and if they’re close by it’s a good bet you’ve heard about them from someone who has used their services.

Always Get A Second Opinion…Or More

The first thing you should do when consulting to have your refrigerator fixed is to have them tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. Most appliance repair shops offer a free consultation and quote. Ask the repair person what it will take to fix it, the costs and what, if any, parts need to be replaced. If they start to give you any kind of runaround, say thank you and move on. If they seem to be giving you honest answers, ask for a quote. Again, thank them and move on to calling a second company.

For the second company, ask the same questions you asked the first one. If their quote is lower and they seem even more knowledgeable about the issue with your refrigerator, put a star beside their name and keep them in mind. On the other hand, if the second quote is higher than the first, let them know that the other company quoted lower. They may match it. Competitors are always willing to undercut the next guy. Take advantage of that, if you can.

If you need to call yet another company for a third opinion, do so. I find that two opinions are usually all that is needed though. From the two opinions, choose between the two companies. After you’ve followed the next tip.

Understanding Service Charges and Pricing in Queens, NY

A lot of companies will include some kind of service charge to fix your refrigerator. Be careful of that and make sure you ask them about any other charge before you decide on taking them on. Ask whether any parts will have to be purchased to fix your unit and how much they will cost. Do they have the parts on hand or do you have to wait? Remember, this is your refrigerator. You can’t wait forever to have it fixed, but you do want it done correctly and as inexpensively as possible.

Be sure to ask how the total bill will be calculated. Sometimes companies add even more charges to the bill. Get all that information in the forefront before you commit to using the company. And lastly, but not least – Always be wary of companies who will only deal in cash. That is a big red flag.

There are a few more things that will help you get your refrigerator fixed with less pain. Be very detailed about the problems you’re having with it. This could help you save some more money. Also, ask if they offer a service warranty or guarantee. This could save you a lot of headache in the long run.

Whether you’re in Queens, NY or anywhere else in North America, be wary of appliance companies who aren’t going to give you a fair deal. It’s your money, so use it wisely to get the job done right.

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