DBC039A1BDB Danby Beverage Center Not Cooling Below 50F

Hi, I’m new to the thread. I searched but could not find the answer to my problem. I have a Danby Beverage Center (4.5 cu ft mini fridge) that will no longer cool below 50F (normal down to 39F). The compressor runs full time and gets hot over time. The coils inside the fridge get cold and the fan is running and blowing cold air. I have tried unplugging and let sit for several days but this does not help. Is it possible there is something wrong with the control board? Does it have a defrost mode that might be stuck on? Does this have a condenser fan I am not aware of? Or is it more likely that I just lost some of the AC Charge (R134A). No fittings to test Hi/Lo pressures. I’m not much for soldering fittings on but I’m willing to try if that is the most likely cause (I’ve done basic auto AC). Worst case, I wouldn’t mind paying someone to install fittings and add new charge. Thanks for the help, Jeff.

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Bosch BC22CS80SNS/01 Side-by-side dual evaporator fridge: RC evaporator icing over, FC warm

I’ve read through all the other Bosch posts here, but I think my situation might be a little different than the rest?

Over-arching problem: My Refigerator Compartment (RC) is staying cool, but my Freezer Compartment (FC) is sticking around 8C. It’s so cold on my RC, that my water line is occasionally freezing and not coming out the dispenser.

I’ve gone through the self diagnostics, and no errors show up.
I’ve gone through the “A5” sensor test, and all temperature sensors are reporting accurately.
0 RC sensor: 10C
1 RC evaporator sensor: -21C
2 FC sensor: 8C
3 FC evaporator sensor: 0C (this was warmer, but I’ve been forcing the FC into running by invoking “A7 mode 1”, so I’m able to make the FC cold, but it won’t do it automatically)
5 TCD sensor: 13C

Evaporator fans are working.

Originally, I was having an issue with ice buildup on the bottom of the FC. I realized my drain valve was a little stuck, and so after some squeezing I unblocked it. I also vacuumed out the condensor coils while I was in the back. I don’t see why this would have messed up the cooling on the freezer side.

I really don’t know why my RC evaporator seems to be taking all the priority.

Anything I should check or test?

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DFF8200W Danby fridge cooling problem due to ice build up

Hello everyone,

I have a small Danby refrigerator (DFF8200W). The freezer on top worked fine but the dial to adjust the temperature in the fridge was jammed and the temperature in the fridge rose way up. I removed the fridge inside middle panel and discovered that ice built up at the top of the middle conduct. Water seems to drip from the freezer.

When I let the ice melt and put it back, the dial can rotate and the fridge temperature goes down below freezing. Ice builds up again in the conduct within a few days which steadily increase the temperature in the fridge again.

Do you have any idea why ice builds up in the conduct? Is there anything I can do to fix this?


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Redbull Mini Fridge Compressor cycles every few minutes


I have a redbull mini fridge that stopped running, and sat for a few months. Initially I thought it was the PTC, overload relay, or compressor itself.

1. PTC: no rattling sound, burnt smell, and there is continuity between the 2 holes (circled in red), and continuity between each hole and the tab circled in green.
-I assume this means PTC Is ok?

2. Overload: has rattling sound when you shake it. has continuity between the large metal part circled in green and the tab circled in red
3. Compressor pins
-~24 ohms between the lower 2 pins
-14 ohms between lower left pin and top pin
-11 ohms between lower right pin and top pin
-there are no shorts
-I read that since the values add up to ~24 ohms, it means compressor is okay?
-I did notice a ton of oxidation, leaks (see pic)

Anyway, so I thought everything above was Okay as above.

The temperature control is adjusted in the back, it’s attached to a PCB board. I noticed that the starter relay on the PCB would engaged when powered, it also rattled. So I replaced the relay on the PCB. I also replaced a slightly bulged capacitor on the PCB board as well.

I plugged it in and it fried up!

The fridge itself can cool down to 1-5 degree Celsius depending on the temperature dial.

However the compressor runs for 2 minutes, then off for 5 mins, and repeat this over and over. The compressor is quite hot to touch.

I only let it run for a few hours as I thought the compressor cycling was too frequently.

Sorry for such a long post, but does anyone know why it would be cycling so frequently?
I am thinking is it the capacitor overload (ohms okay i think?), or is the compressor bad/low in freon (due to the oxidation/leaks?!)

thanks a ton!

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kenmore freezer 2010 model compressor running fan running does not cool at all room temperature only


i have a newer sears kenmore upright freezer auto defrost model made in 2010

model 253.284xxxxxx

it has an electronic display panel on top left corner for adjusting settings

when plugged in the fan immediatley comes on and you can hear the compressor humming slightly and is vibrating slightly (seems to be running) and gets luke warm to touch….not hot at all….just slightly warm

the air blowing into freezer is at room temperature only

does not get cold at all…the temp gauge on the front simply shows basically current room temperature

on the front it has the words high temp lit up and it displays the current temp which is room temperature….i have it outside today and it shows temp on front of 58f which is approx the temp outside

for the heck of it i connected the freezer to an electricity usage monitor device and it shows that the entire freezer is only drawing .6A including fan and compressor and using about 70watts…….this most certainly is an issue….

can someone guide me to find out why freezer is not cooling at all?.

thank you

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Bosch B20CS51SNS/02 Ice tray not emptying

I noticed my ice dispenser was leaking. I looked into the ice bucket and found a large block of ice. After inspecting the ice tray I noticed icicles and that it was filled to the brim. I decided to disassemble and defrost the ice bucket and tray. After reinstalling I noticed I am having the same problem. This problem began after a power outage. The test cycle does work and I can hear the ice tray motor turning the tray upside down and back right side up. The proper amount of water is being dispensed into the tray. For whatever reason, the ice just isn’t dropping out of its tray properly when turned upside down. I keep my freezer at -2. Could the problem be that I’m not waiting for the tray to return to a frozen temperature before adding water, that the tray thermostat needs to be replaced or something entirely different?

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