Defrost not working consistantly and water accumulating in fridge

My Avanti refrigerator has some issues, but I’d like to try to keep it going since it’s the perfect size for my space, and there are no other fridges available that are the same size. I hope someone here can help me.

About 3 months ago the freezer started developing frost inside, and the items in the fridge were not getting very cold. After investigating I determined that the passageway between the freezer and fridge were filled with ice, which was blocking the flow of air between the two compartments. I knocked out the ice, and things returned to normal for about a month, then the same thing happened again. I repeated the fix, which again lasted about a month until freezing up again.

I also noticed the the evaporator pan in the back just above the motor is dusty and dry, and does not appear to have had any water from the defrost cycle spill into it in a very long time. I tried pouring water over the freezer coils to see if any would make its way down to the evaporator pan. None of the water got to the pan; it all went directly into the fridge compartment. This would seem to explain why I’m getting water building up at the bottom of the fridge compartment, and would seem to suggest that the drain is clogged. right?

Any idea what’s going on with my fridge, and how I might fix it?

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