RE129RW1 Start relay on a 1989 White-Westinghouse

My fridge stopped cooling the other day; after searching the symptoms (fan still running, no cooling, clicking sounds every 3-5 min.) I determined the cause was a faulty start relay; I puled it out and sure enough, it makes the rattling sound. So it seems it’s just a matter of installing a new one.

Finding it however is the hard part: I’ve pretty much given up on finding the exact same model, so my question is, what would be a reasonable alternative to allow it to run for a year or 2 more until I can buy another fridge?

The start realy is a 1-pin, 2 hole model; there are two serials, one near the pin reads PTH AS 4R7M180 C(circled m)95CP, and the other one is PTH490C -AS4R7 (circled m)5CM95B

Like I said, I bought it in a second-hand store, so there’s no guarantee it’s the original part, or even the original compressor for that matter. It’s a Matsushita model D118LGAA 1 PH R-12

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