201FD Sub Zero freezer only compressor replacement

Our Sub zero freezer (1983!!) is on the fritz. Won’t cool and there is a clicking noise when the freezer tries to start up. Had a repairman out who diagnosed the problem as a compressor gone bad. Repairman said that both compressor and evaporator would need to be replaced ($2500) because would have to switch to R-134. He also said the evaporator is no longer made or available. He didn’t seem to want to even consider fixing the freezer, indicating the machine is way too old.

Did my own searching and I found the evaporator. Still trying to evaluate nature of repair as we have the matching fridge (which is still going strong!) and both are in impeccable condition visually. Called another service tech who explained to me that only compressor would need replacing. He indicated he would replace compressor, clean out the system nitrogen… all to tune of $1200.

Question I have is do you have to replace compressor AND evaporator when switching to R-134, or is second tech right in that you can get a good long term fix by just replacing compressor only? The evaporator isn’t broken, first tech just leads us to believe we have to change out the evaporator when changing to r-134. Both techs seem at odds with their explanations. Trying to get a better notion on the repair.

and yes, we are also considering buying a new freezer as well, but want to have a complete picture on repairing as the appliance looks practically new and replacement would also involve some cabinet changes.


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