Fridgadaire FRT15HBDWO how to bypass the defrost timer

Hi All, My first time here…hope someone can help. My refridgerator has been slowly functioning less well over the past week after a couple of brownouts.
I think it’s the defrost timer and would like to bypass the switch for testing. There is no ice at all and the freezer was working until today while the fridge was warmish. Now both are below temp. When I turn the defrost timer manually the compressor and fans kick on but don’t stay on for long (less and less each day). I ordered a defrost timer which won’t be here for 4 more days. The bottom compartment around the compressor has been cleaned out and I did feel the heater in the freezer come on at one point. The door gasket is good. The temperature control in the fridge tested good. wiring diagram is included. I’m thinking of bypassing the timer by connecting 3 and 4…any advice would be appreciated. thanks
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