DBC7070BLSST Danby Silhouette beverage/wine fridge won't cool

I noticed on Sunday my 3yr old Dandy dual zone wine/beverage fridge (DBC7070BLSST) stopped working all of a sudden. It was working perfectly on Saturday and all the drinks in the beverage side were cool at 39 degrees and the wine side was a nice 56 degrees.

When I opened it on Sunday morning the inside of the fridge was actually quite warm, I am assuming because the compressor was running super hot and heating up the inside. On the right zone digital display it read H1, not sure what that means, that’s the side that was set to 56. I checked the coils and everything seemed clean.

The compressor is working as there is a slight hum and it vibrates a little – not that much though. I unplugged fridge and checked the resistance of the compressor with a multimeter and it seemed fine (Youtube’d it how to check it). The fan next to the compressor also seemed fine and turns on. The fans inside the separate wine and beverage areas also turn on. After running it again for a bit I checked the coils under the fridge and they weren’t warm at all, but the compressor was burning hot again.

I checked the cooling coils in the back of the fridge and they weren’t cold at all. I then removed the starter relay and replaced it with a new one I bought today, but the fridge still won’t cool. I can hear the freon working as it sounds like it’s trickling or gurgling, so I am assuming I don’t have a leak. Given the fridge died so fast without any lack of cooling before it is leading me to believe it is some electrical part that shorted out.

Any ideas? Could it be one of the thermistors? Anything else I can check for?

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