Compressor not starting

Compressor: Matsushita DA51C72RCU6

The refrigerator stopped keeping things frozen. The compressor does not seem to be starting and gets hot. The 3 contacts on the compressor all give an ohm reading between each other, and each contact does not give a reading when testing for a short using a scratched area of the compressor. I tested capacitance and the farad reading was 2% above the listed value on the capacitor. I thought this meant a bad relay, so I bought a Supco RCO410 and followed the instructions to wire it up to the compressor. However, it still is not starting and still gets hot. I did hear it try to start once though, but it was a split second and I can’t get it to do it again. Did I misdiagnose, or did I get the wrong 3 in 1? This was my first time working on a fridge, though I spent many hours trying to learn, I may be overlooking something simple. Thank you all for any help and advice.

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