SR103W Sanyo refer runs all the time

Sanyo refer in my rental house that runs almost all the time. Refrigerator and freezer are cold and everything seems fine except that it rarely turns off and then doesn’t stay off long. It seems to be something of a minimalist model in that it doesn’t even have a condenser fan. Condenser coils are clean. I’ve checked most of the issues that are cited as causing the appliance to run non-stop and none of them seem to apply. There is not an issue with the condenser fan (because there isn’t one). The evaporator fan seems to be okay because air is circulating and temperatures remain correct. Doesn’t seem to be a problem with the defroster heater or thermostat. I’m wondering if it may be operating normally for the limited type of refrigerator that it seems to be. Model no longer made and I’ve been unable to find much info about it. I’ve ordered a Kill a Watt to find out wither it’s using an exorbitant amount of energy but I’m not sure how much that’s going to tell me as I don’t know what should be expected for this particular model. Any ideas about my next move?

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