Bosch fridge/freezer KAN56V10AU/05 service manual

Hi folks. I just signed up to ask a question here about my Bosch KAN56V10AU/05 side by side fridge/freezer. I assume the /05 suffix on the serial number indicates it’s manufacture year; I bought it second hand so don’t know it’s real age.

It’s working fine (after I figured out the condenser coil on these has a fan which has been keeping the kitchen dust free for years).

This model’s control panel has 2 rows of 5 leds in the fridge section, one for fridge, one for freezer. I have attached a picture of the controller. During my fault finding I held down the fridge button for 5 seconds and it made a 4 tone ascending sound, and all the bottom leds started flashing. Pressing the freezer button will advance the leds through a sequence that has 30 stages, it starts with the left led lit, then the second led, then both lit, then the third led, then the first and third, then first second and third, etc etc. If I don’t press anything for 5 seconds it makes a 4 tone descending tone and saves the setting.

I have no idea what it does, at first impression it doesn’t seem to do anything, but I am curious as to it’s function. Does anyone have any idea what it does? I have set it to the middle (15 button pushes) and noted that it does survive a power off, so it’s getting written to an eeprom or similar. Perhaps it’s a temperature compensation setting? Can anyone shed some light on what it does?

Thanks, Tony.

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