American Retro Coke Cooler, Need small refrigerator help.

I have a small coke cooler box made by American Retro. It had a Zel compressor that died, so I picked up a similar compressor by Emraco Model # FF8.5HBK that runs on R134a. I have a few concerns about the replacement. I will be replacing the dryer tube and adding an access valve at the same time. Here are my questions:

  1. What oil do I add? The manufacturere says use 9+ ounces of ISO 22. I cannot find any oil with that rating.
  2. How do I determine the exact amount of refrigerant to add? There is no tag whatsover with fill specifications or pressure.
  3. At what pressure should it be operated?

If there are any specifics I can find, please let me know. The manufacturer is in China and the owners manual or info from manufacturer is a no-go.

Thanks in advance!!

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