Sub Zero 532 Controller Issue?

hi, i have a old Sub Zero 532 refrigerator/freezer at home. Recently it starts to have issues in the freezer part that sometimes the freezer door suddenly cannot be closed. So once it happens, the freezer will stop working. We get a service guy coming in one day – he said it is due the controller being bad. See attached photo (first) – right now when it happens, I can use a small screwdriver to twist on the back of the black box. (there is a hole in the middle) Then the freezer immediately start to work and after a few min, the freezer door can be close properly. (looks like inside the door edge, that part become heated and magnetic) I think maybe I can buy a replacement and fix this by myself. So I found the controller part number from the old manual, which is 3012670 and ordered one from ebay. Here is what I received. (second) it looks quite different from the original one though – can someone advice the possible issue here? Can I use the one I received to replace the old one? the refrigerator is so old and the one I get from ebay is actually the only thing I found online with that part number, but i did not realize it could looks very different from the original one. thanks!
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