690F Sub Zero ice maker not making enough ice – adjustment screw has no affect

I’ve replaced the ice maker on our sub zero several times in the past 15 years. Before the recent ice maker failure, we’d noticed that it didn’t seem to be as productive. It finally failed last week and I replaced it with a spare. I found that the new ice maker was only producing three cubes at a time. The water level adjustment screw didn’t seem to have any affect, so I purchased another ice maker and it has the same problem.

At this point, I used a jumper to manually start a harvest cycle with the ice maker partially removed, and captured the water in a container. It only had 42 cc’s instead of the normal 100-110. Note: The fill cycle lasted about 7 seconds.

I assume this fill problem has been going on for a while, and we’ve not noticed since the kids are now out of the house.

Any ideas on what “upstream” part or component might be causing the problem? Dual Water Valve?


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