Thermador ice maker doesn't dispense

10yo Thermador KBUDT4270A02. Over night, the ice make went nuts and filled up to the point where the container was popped out of the dispenser.

We had briefly used crushed ice the night before from its normal setting of cubes. Doesn’t seem to be any ice dams in the freezer otherwise.

I removed the dispenser chassis and it was frosted over on the non-active interior. Washed it clean and shut off the ice maker for the time being.

I discovered after the fact that the drip pan underneath overflowed as well.

Just emptied the overflow pan again. it was about 1/3 full in a day or so.
The ice dispenser motor turns as does the auger, by hand.
But when the door is closed to allow function (I would think), though empty of ice, the auger doesn’t move.

Not sure if I have 1 issue or more ……….?

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