Subzero 700 Freezer temperature problems

We just purchased a property that has a SubZero model 700 freezer which has been running all the time and throwing an error code EC40 (excessive compressor run) .

Additionally, we’ve noticed that the freezer temperature is very slow to recover after a door opening (i.e. will only go down 3-5 degrees per hour) and will not cool to below 5 degrees F (even if the set point is at 0 or -5)

I have vacuumed out the condenser and cleared the error code (but it came back).

I took a look at the area around the compressor with a flashlight and noticed there was ice forming on a horizontal line coming out of the compressor.

Also, FWIW the top of the compressor, when running, feels barely warmer than ambient. With the freezer off, the top of the compressor feels significantly colder than ambient.

The prior owner told us the compressor was replaced about a year ago, and I noticed the compressor has what looks like two capped schrader type valves on it.

Was curious if anyone has come across a problem like this and what it ended up being? Low refrigerant maybe?

Sub Zero has told me the unit is still under a sealed system parts warranty, but labor won’t be covered and I’m wondering how much a typical sealed system repair costs (labor only).


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