Bosch BC22CS80SNS/01 Side-by-side dual evaporator fridge: RC evaporator icing over, FC warm

I’ve read through all the other Bosch posts here, but I think my situation might be a little different than the rest?

Over-arching problem: My Refigerator Compartment (RC) is staying cool, but my Freezer Compartment (FC) is sticking around 8C. It’s so cold on my RC, that my water line is occasionally freezing and not coming out the dispenser.

I’ve gone through the self diagnostics, and no errors show up.
I’ve gone through the “A5” sensor test, and all temperature sensors are reporting accurately.
0 RC sensor: 10C
1 RC evaporator sensor: -21C
2 FC sensor: 8C
3 FC evaporator sensor: 0C (this was warmer, but I’ve been forcing the FC into running by invoking “A7 mode 1”, so I’m able to make the FC cold, but it won’t do it automatically)
5 TCD sensor: 13C

Evaporator fans are working.

Originally, I was having an issue with ice buildup on the bottom of the FC. I realized my drain valve was a little stuck, and so after some squeezing I unblocked it. I also vacuumed out the condensor coils while I was in the back. I don’t see why this would have messed up the cooling on the freezer side.

I really don’t know why my RC evaporator seems to be taking all the priority.

Anything I should check or test?

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