Redbull Mini Fridge Compressor cycles every few minutes


I have a redbull mini fridge that stopped running, and sat for a few months. Initially I thought it was the PTC, overload relay, or compressor itself.

1. PTC: no rattling sound, burnt smell, and there is continuity between the 2 holes (circled in red), and continuity between each hole and the tab circled in green.
-I assume this means PTC Is ok?

2. Overload: has rattling sound when you shake it. has continuity between the large metal part circled in green and the tab circled in red
3. Compressor pins
-~24 ohms between the lower 2 pins
-14 ohms between lower left pin and top pin
-11 ohms between lower right pin and top pin
-there are no shorts
-I read that since the values add up to ~24 ohms, it means compressor is okay?
-I did notice a ton of oxidation, leaks (see pic)

Anyway, so I thought everything above was Okay as above.

The temperature control is adjusted in the back, it’s attached to a PCB board. I noticed that the starter relay on the PCB would engaged when powered, it also rattled. So I replaced the relay on the PCB. I also replaced a slightly bulged capacitor on the PCB board as well.

I plugged it in and it fried up!

The fridge itself can cool down to 1-5 degree Celsius depending on the temperature dial.

However the compressor runs for 2 minutes, then off for 5 mins, and repeat this over and over. The compressor is quite hot to touch.

I only let it run for a few hours as I thought the compressor cycling was too frequently.

Sorry for such a long post, but does anyone know why it would be cycling so frequently?
I am thinking is it the capacitor overload (ohms okay i think?), or is the compressor bad/low in freon (due to the oxidation/leaks?!)

thanks a ton!

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