Bosch B20CS51SNS/02 Ice tray not emptying

I noticed my ice dispenser was leaking. I looked into the ice bucket and found a large block of ice. After inspecting the ice tray I noticed icicles and that it was filled to the brim. I decided to disassemble and defrost the ice bucket and tray. After reinstalling I noticed I am having the same problem. This problem began after a power outage. The test cycle does work and I can hear the ice tray motor turning the tray upside down and back right side up. The proper amount of water is being dispensed into the tray. For whatever reason, the ice just isn’t dropping out of its tray properly when turned upside down. I keep my freezer at -2. Could the problem be that I’m not waiting for the tray to return to a frozen temperature before adding water, that the tray thermostat needs to be replaced or something entirely different?

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