Moffat MBC12GAZSS Neither freezer nor fridge are cooling

Hi all, I have a bottom-freezer model by Moffat (a GE flanker brand), purchased in 2013.
Model # is MBC12GAZSS. However this is a model sold in Canada so the # may not appear in your database.

Neither freezer nor fridge are cooling. I’m trying to diagnose the root cause:
– Compressor is working, switches on and off normally it seems;
– Both freezer and fridge fans are working;
– Condensate drain is not clogged
– Fridge is fully defrosted, no ice on evaporator coil.
– Evaporator coil does not get cold when compressor is running
– Defrost heating element does not get warm when compressor is on (seems normal)
– Electronic panel seems normal;
The obvious remaining suspect is the condenser coil, which I should try to clean. But I can’t even see it because it is enclosed somewhere and I can’t see any access panel. It’s not next to the compressor and the bottom of the fridge is a panel without any screws. This leads me to believe my fridge is of the “NeverClean” type, with an encased condenser coil.
So, first question, how do I access the condenser coil to check if it is dirty?
And more fundamentally, any hunches on which other parts might be defective?

Thx in advance

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