U-Line Beverage refrigerator, Compressor cycles on for 2 seconds and off for 23 seconds continuously


Love your forum. I have a U-Line Beverage refrigerator.
It had a leak in the evaporator line that I repaired with a pierce valve.

(Didn’t pierce the pipe, just used the compression aspect of it to seal it.)
Pulled -30″ & repair held.

Went to recharge the system but now the compressor cycles on 2 seconds & off for
23 seconds. Like clock work.

I have looked at other threads (Kenmore with five seconds on then off)(relay fixed it)
And another thread where it was a motherboard issue.

My Frig. Has an Embraco EMI 30HER compressor with 9.8LRA.

I have taken the relay and the overload off.

Checked the compressor ohms. 29 ohms across bottom pins. 21 ohms left bottom pin to top.
8 ohms right bottom pin to top pin.
Resistance seems high but it does add up. My multimeter is a ‘mid level’ Tenma 72-7770.
(Not sure if it is precise.)

The overload ohms is 1.5. Could this be the issue?

The compressor worked fine before i made my repair.

What else can i check?

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