Bosch side by side B20CS51SNS fridge section has very different temps for each shelf

The fridge section is set to 4 Celcius on the control panel, but the inside of the fridge has wildly varying temperatures, mostly depending on shelf, but even between the left and right sides of the same shelf. The top shelf, when measuring the items with a laser thermometer, varies between 9 to 14 C. The items on the next shelf down read from 2 to 4 C, the next -1 to 3, and the drawers below that are around 8, 12, and 12C. I’m hoping this is just a fan problem, like the similar issue I had with the freezer side a few years ago, which was fixed with a new fan. But in that case the freezer was colder as you went lower, which is what I would have expected to see in the fridge if it was just a fan issue, not warmer at the top and bottom, and freezing in the middle?

Source: New feed

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