B22CS80SNS/01 Bosch Refrigerator working, freezer warm

I have a Bosch side by side refrigerator model B22CS80SNS/01 that has worked perfectly in the 2 years I’ve owned it (came with the house). Suddenly the food started to thaw in the freezer. The freezer is now blowing almost room temp out of the vent, and the refrigerator vent is blowing about 38 F.

I tested the freezer compartment transducer using a table in the service manual. Resistance matched table values from near freezing to about 85F, as measured at the connector on the control board located on the top of the unit.

I also ohm’d out the compressor, looks good with 7 ohms between each of the 3 pins. However, it’s a variable speed compressor, and the inverter is only getting 2.3V DC. My understanding is that it should be 4-6 Vdc, but there is no value in the manual.

This unit has two evaporators that share a single condenser, one evaporator in the freezer and one in the refrigerator. A solenoid controls refrigerant flow to each evaporator. Since one compartment is warm and the other cool, I assume the solenoid is blocking refrigerant to the freezer evaporator. The solenoid has two wires to it. I couldn’t get the meter into the connector with it connected, but with it disconnected I measured 40V AC to ground on one pin and 0 V to ground on the other. I realize now that I should have measured pin to pin…but it was past midnight. Does anyone know how the solenoid is controlled by the 2 wires? It’s labeled AWECO KMV432 120V 60Hz, so I assume it’s AC. Couldn’t find any info on it.

I’m thinking it’s a bad control board but don’t want to buy the wrong part. To make matters worse, I can’t find a wiring diagram for the unit anywhere, so I don’t know for sure which of 3 boards control the solenoid or the inverter voltage. Service manual is terrible, doesn’t give any info.
Are there any other tests I can try? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Brad

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