Sanyo SR3770S Accidentally pierced evaporator coil

Hi Everyone,

I just joined the forum because I have a problem.

I was defrosting a mini-fridge for a friend and I was chipping away at the ice with a screwdriver and mallet. (The entire freezer was a block of ice.) I was being gentle, knowing that I didn’t want to screw up any of the hardware, but the screwdriver slipped and pierced the metal that separates the freezer from the refrigerator. (Since it is a mini-fridge, there’s only one door and then the freezer is partitioned within.) The metal is ribbed and when it pierced, gas shot out, which I am assuming was the refrigerant.

I was originally thinking, oh well, don’t really need the freezer anyways, but there probably are not separate refrigerant holders for each section and if I run it as is, the compressor is going to burn out, right?

So, I’ve been trying to figure out if I can just replace this part, but this refrigerator seems to have been discontinued. Does anyone know where I can find parts?



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